Walking in paradise

As far as I’m concerned, there are few things in life as wonderful as being close to nature.

Walking alongside the ocean today, I felt at one with the sea, the sand, the rocks and the vegetation. As my feet touched the ground, the way it sank and was enveloped by the cool, rough brilliantly coloured grains of sand was wonderful and immediately transported me to my childhood. Memories of days gone by flooded in – holidays filled with love, laughter, fun and new and exciting things.

Each step brought a new memory which is strange as I don’t remember much from my childhood. My mother always complains about my lack of memory when she reminisces and I can’t recall the things she’s referring to.

Rolling skating with my cousins at the roller rink,  going to the city hall for movies as there was no movie house in Hartenbos and the excitement we felt at doing this as it was so different to where we came from. Riding on the train to Mossel Bay which was like a holiday on its own and being treated like an adult in the dining cart and irritating my brother because I took too long to eat.

I remember the boys on the train who were on the way to the army barracks. They were all scared yet excited at what’s to come and I remember my sister who is eight years’ older than me, drooling over them.

I remember my mother saving all her money for the holidays so that she could take us out and treat us to lunch, something that my children take for granted.

I remember the time I tried to ride an ostrich at Oudshoorn. I tried to look so cool in front of all the people in the audience and climbed on it, only to fall off the other side. It was humiliating yet it taught me how to laugh at myself.

So many wonderful things that I seemed to have forgotten flooded back just by walking in the sand. The crash of the waves, the sound of the birds in the bushes, the cool, smooth rocks all joined together to help me remember.

How wonderful it is to think back. So many good times. I don’t think I thanked my mother enough for all she did for us, for all the sacrifices she made. I can see now that I took my holidays and her for granted. Thanks ma for the memories.


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  1. Theo
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 12:41:19

    This is lovely Chantal


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