Back at work

So, my wonderful holiday came to an end, it was far too short. I had just started to relax and the nots in my neck went away when I found myself on the long road back home.

The kids on the back seat were content for a few hours and then as the hours started ticking by, they started to get niggly – daddy, are we there yet…mommy, he looked at me…mommy, she’s on my side of the seat…mmmm can I go back to the beach, please!

Made it home in one piece thankfully although on the way there was a nasty accident on the far right lane due to poor visibility through a fire that no doubt occurred because someone carelessly tossed a cigarette out of their window.

For days after being back, I found myself constantly looking at what the weather was there compared to here. It is like summer there but it is so damn cold here. I used to love winter, but as I get older, I just want winter to end quickly. I prefer being warm. At the moment I’m huddled in front of the heater with a fat jersey on and big fluffy slippers and yet I’m still cold.

It’s just another 41 days before spring…can’t wait!


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