Well it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to come here and pen my thoughts. Life has been so hectic since returning from leave – it doesn’t even feel as if I went away – scary!

I realised this weekend how easy it is to become wrapped up in our own lives, how easy it is to exclude others. It’s so important to book time for friends so that you can reconnect and catch up with what’s happening in their lives. It’s a humbling experience to snap out of the “me” mentality.

My best friend of 30 years is an amazing woman who even though I neglect her, opens her arms to me when we eventually connect and doesn’t hold it against me when I’ve forgotten birthdays, anniversaries or even to call. I may be in the communications field, but I’m the first to admit that communicating with loved ones isn’t where my strengths lie. I could go for months without speaking to my mother if it wasn’t that she looks after my kids. The only reason I manage to keep in contact with my brother is thanks to a wonderful tool called skype – it’s so easy and quick to say hi. My sister and I talk every so many months – not really ideal I must admit.

I so loved spending time with my friend. We looked at photographs of her family which for some may seem boring, but for me it was lovely because I hadn’t seen them for years. Remembering her parents and grandparents was a real treat. It made me realise how important it is for me to start getting into my piles of photographs and to start putting them into albums. If not for me, but for my kids. They deserve to have their pics sorted. We also listened to music which took us back to our youth.

But the best thing was watching our children play together. The fact that they have formed a friendship just like ours is amazing. I hope that 30 years down the line, they too are still friends and find themselves looking at photographs like we’ve just done. Wouldn’t that be just too damn wonderful!


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