I am so pleased Theo has started blogging again, I love the way he writes. He has a way with words.

Theo Coggin

Friday I was comprehensively rapped over the knuckles. By one of my students. Oops, nothing quite as hard-hitting as that. She is one of the most stimulating students I have had for some time. Xoli Makubalo works for a small company and had spent six days in December learning the pitfalls of corporate communication in a micro-enterprise. Friday she came to me for feedback, which I dutifully gave. But the most valuable part of the afternoon was her parting shot: “When are you going to update your blog!?”

She was ably supported by a colleague, Chantal Meugens, who muttered darkly how she had been asking the same question for months.

Mea culpa.

Why, I wondered aloud were they so worried? Because, they rejoined, people like us want to learn.

The lesson? It’s simple isn’t it? Practice what you preach.

I have been guilty of not keeping my blog up to…

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