Communicate, don’t preach!

Another excellent lesson from Theo Coggin. It’s so important to look at our writing critically and assess whether we are indeed preaching to our audience.

Theo Coggin

When running the Quo Vadis Communication courses I can always tell which of the delegates come out of a fundamentalist view of advertising, religious beliefs or political persuasion. They are the ones whose faces glaze over when I explain the first principle we consider in our media relations and Corporate Communications courses.

That principle, simply put, says that organisational communications “is not for preaching” or, expressed another way, should not smack of propaganda.

Of course that is the very antithesis of communication when one is writing advertising copy, preaching a sermon in a mosque, church, or worshipping while at shul, or in any other religious context, or trying to persuade someone to vote for a particular political party.

Communicating in a manner that promotes any one of those forms has its place. And that place is firmly in the corner of bias and a lack of objectivity.

Now the latter…

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