Social Media: not for faint-hearted executives!

Another great blog from Theo Coggin. I still cannot believe that in this day and age people still don’t realise the power of social media. It can certainly make or break a company or person.

Theo Coggin

Social media has exploded. Without question it is now the most influential medium in institutions as divergent as politics, business, the non profit sector, security industry (and its nemeses, crime), health and religion. In North Africa governments have fallen as a result of social media.

In August 2011, they were the means by which gangs of criminally minded young people in England sped from one assembly point to the next as they indiscriminately looted shops and businesses and generally caused mayhem.

ostrich with head in sandNow, entities in the various institutions mentioned above have woken up to the fact – some are still coming out of their slumbers – that the likes of Facebook and Twitter, to mention two of the best-known, are incredibly powerful communication tools. With the realisation that the chief executive or his or her trusted lackey are not the best persons to have the responsibility of using these powerful tools…

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